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AirVPN Review

Tin tức 03 - 07 - 2023

If you’re looking for a feature-packed VPN with plenty of advanced options, AirVPN is probably the hosting company for you. Its client (affectionately named Eddie) supports a diverse range of operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. The service also works with routers running DD-WRT, Tomato, AsusWRT and pfSense.

Founded in 2010 as being a passion project for hacktivists dedicated to internet privacy and fighting censorship, AirVPN possesses kept its focus subsequently. Its free apps continue to nod to prospects roots as well as the service provides a decent web server network of 249 locations throughout 23 countries.

Its privacy policy is clear and uncomplicated: it does not collect end user logs at any time, neither does it respond to law enforcement needs from outside the EU. If you want more information, a detailed FAQ webpage covers every one of the major factors.

The app on its own is very convenient to use, but newcomers will likely be stressed by the amount of settings and possibilities in its Tastes menu. The team behind Home Page the client is definitely keen to please electrical power users and there’s even a “Advanced” section that lets you fine-tune your options to match your certain needs.

This company accepts the majority of major credit cards, PayPal and a slew of various other payment strategies including cryptocurrencies. Plans start at a reasonable $7. 76 per month but are much cheaper on a longer-term basis while using two month option providing good value at only $3. sixty five per month.